Retractable USB iPod Cable

Package contents

Every FREE iPod cable is shipped with a penny, similar to the one depicted above, to offset the 1¢ minimum price PayPal imposes. Note: The penny you receive might differ slightly from the one depicted above (they can't all be shiny)

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Does FREE fit your budget?, as the name suggests, is giving away iPod cables to everyone and anyone. Now you are probably thinking, "There must be a catch...", but there isnt. Okay, maybe one. When you check out, the price will show up as 1¢, but when your cable arrives in the mail, it will come with a penny enclosed. Think of it as an instant mail-in rebate.

In addition to being infinitely cheaper than Apple's iPod cables, our cables are retractable. This means you wont have to keep track of a silly plastic hat for your usb plug in order to keep your cable neatly stored. Just gently tug both ends and the cable winds itself back up. Compatible with Nano, Mini, 3G, 4G, U2 and Video iPods


  1. - Extends over 34"
  2. - Fully USB 2.0 Compatible
  3. - Charges your iPod
  4. - Compact design

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